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The State of Our Unions

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 9:50 AM

Last week’s Pastor’s Pen was about the “ The State of the Union” and it was suggested by someone that I should have saved that title until this week as Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and to be perfectly honest they had a really good point. The truth is, the “Union”, that is the Marriage Union, in this country is in really big trouble. But, why? Why have we seen such a decline in marriage, Why are divorce rates so high, even among Christian couples? Why do so many choose to simply live together and not even bother with the institution of marriage? Well, to be perfectly honest it would be impossible for me to answer these questions in this brief Pastor’s Pen, it would take a book, or perhaps a whole series of books, to even begin to deal with these subjects properly and, of course, there has already been a great multitude of books written on this subject, yet the problem continues. We could talk about the fact that our society has made divorce acceptable and that no one should feel “trapped” in an unhappy marriage. We could talk about the breakdown of the morals of this country that has made living in open sin now a perfectly acceptable prequel to marriage or even a replacement for it. We could talk about the deliberate diminishment of the home and the definition of the family.

Yes, there are many different subjects that we could discuss, all contributors, all eroding away at the foundation of, not only Marriage but, also of the Home, Family, and Society itself. Yes, this erosion is even destructive to the very foundation of our nation and is weakening us as a people. But for today, since we are approaching Valentines Day, I choose to simply talk about the little word love.

In our culture we make a big deal about this little word, and at this time of year there is a lot of money to be made by selling it. Yes, we use it fairly freely. We love our house, we love our car, we love our job (maybe). We love our dog, we love our wife, we love our cat, we love our children, we love money. Love has become nothing more than an emotion, it is a warm and fuzzy feeling that we get. It is about how we feel. Simply put, we love the things that make us feel good and I would say that the sad truth is, to a very large degree, we have substituted the word “love” for the word “lust”. Yes, we use the word love because it sounds better, but we use the definition for lust.

The Bible tells us of a much higher form of Love. The word is Agape (sometimes translated as “Charity”). It is a selfless love, a giving love. A love that gives without hope of getting something back. It is not an emotion, it is not about a feeling. It is a decision, an act of the will, it is something that you choose to do. If we had more of this kind of love it would be amazing what it would do for the state of our unions. - Pastor Tim

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