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Cowards Like Us?

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 8:45 AM

Have you ever heard of a thing called peer pressure? Well, of course you have. If you are a teenager you have probably heard your parents give a few “hundred” lectures about the subject. If you are a parent, then you have probably given a few of those lectures yourself. So, why are those lectures so important? Why are we so concerned about that subject? Well, I think that we all understand the power of persuasion, especially when it comes from those we are closest to. In this case we are only concerned about offending, being ridiculed by, or perhaps even losing our friends. As adults we understand the power that fear can have over an individual so we try to prepare our young people to be better able to deal with a bad situation, if it occurs.

The simple truth is, fear comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people deal with what are referred to as phobias, an irrational fear of a thing or an event. Now this fear may be considered to be irrational, none the less, it is very real to the person experiencing it. Of course, a person doesn’t have to have a “phobia” to experience fear, it is something that we have all experienced. Yet we experience it in different ways. Some of us may even be afraid to admit that we are afraid. What’s more, it is not always a bad thing, in some cases, fear might even help keep us alive.

Just yesterday I read a post where someone had accused Jesus’ Disciples of being cowards on the night that Jesus was betrayed. Now, I might not want to go that far in my evaluation of them, but the simple truth is they acted just like we would have acted, they all fled for their lives. Afraid? Yes, they were very afraid. And of course we all know the story of how Peter denied the Lord. But where were the other disciples? The post that I read didn’t stop with accusing the Disciples of simply being cowards. No, it went on to point out the fact that they all became great leaders in the early Church. Yes, they even went through great persecution and almost all of these, who had been so afraid, died because they would not deny their faith.

But what changed? What transformed these men who had been in hiding into these powerful proclaimers of the Gospel? It was one simple thing. It was the Resurrection! They were no longer simply following a man whom they believed, or at least hoped, to be the Messiah. No, they were followers of a Risen Lord, a living Savior. They now knew for certain that Jesus was none other than God in the flesh. Yes, it was the Resurrection that proved it all, it was the resurrection that made the difference! - Pastor Tim

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