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Pray! Then Vote.

Posted on October 21, 2018 at 10:10 AM

Normally speaking, Mid-term Elections are viewed with kind of an indifferent attitude. You may have heard people make statements like “It’s only the Midterm” or something like that, but if you have been watching any tv then you know that this year is quite different. I hate to say this, but I believe that from a strictly political view that it is all about ‘Power’. Who will be in charge of the House? Who will be in control of the Senate? Of course, with power comes the opportunity to make change, to control the direction this nation will be moving in over the next two years. Who will be Speaker of the House? Who will be the Majority Leader of the Senate? This is the big question. 

We also have to consider both state and local elections and for those living here in NC, we have a number of Amendments to consider. The simple truth is that this is not the usual mid-term election.

Before the election two years ago there was a national movement to pray. Christian leaders all across the Nation were proclaiming the importance of the election and calling on believers everywhere to first Pray, and then Vote. Once again, this election will have a huge impact upon the future of our nation and upon the future of religious freedom in this nation. Once again, we need to pray first, and then vote. We need to pray for wisdom in making our choices, we need to pray for God’s mercy in placing those in positions of power and authority who will lead our nation in a path that will aline us more in God’s favor so that we can truly pray for God to bless America.

- Pastor Tim

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