Truths About Money - Part 7

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 12:45 AM

 Windfalls are Dangerous!

     I  remember  when  I  was  just  a  kid  I  used  to  hear  the   expression:  "I  just  can't  wait  till  my  ship  comes  in."  Or  I   would  hear  people  say:  "When  my  ship  comes  I'll..."and   they  would  follow  that  by  saying  that  they  would  do   anything  from  taking  a  trip  to  Europe  to  buying  a  new   car.  It  was  a  way  of  saying:  ‘if  I  could  some  how  come   into  a  large  sum  of  money,  it  would  fix  all  my  problems.’   In  those  days,  the  expression  was  used  more  as  a  joke   than  anything  else.  In  today's  "give  me"  society,  things   have  somewhat  changed.  I  am  afraid  that  far  too  often   people  truly  do  look  for  some  windfall  to  come  their  way   and  solve  all  their  problems.  Even  if  that  is  not  true  of  us   individually,  we  have  all  longed  for  our  Tax  Refund  so   that  we  could  ______  (you  fill  in  the  blank).    


      Of  course,  sometimes  windfalls  do  happen.  Whether,   it  comes  in  the  form  of  a  tax  refund,  an  Insurance   Settlement,  or  an  inheritance,  we  do  on  occasion  come   into  unexpected,  or  at  least  extra  money,  but  that  is  not   always  a  good  thing.  As  I  see  it,  one  of  the  problems  with   getting  a  "windfall"  is  that  it  just  never  seems  to  be  big   enough.  Far  too  often,  we  run  out  of  money,  before  we   run  out  of  plans.  When  this  happens  it  is  way  too  easy   for  us  to  justify  using  the  money  for  a  down  payment   assuming  that  the  payments  will  not  be  that  bad,  never   fully  realizing  the  full  impact  on  our  monthly  budget  for   the  full  length  of  the  loan.  Now  I  realize  that  sometimes   this  can  be  a  good  thing.  For  example,  when  a  couple  has   been  planning  on  and  saving  a  down  payment  for  a  new   house.  But  far  to  often  they  adjust  their  dreams  upward,   and  rather  than  the  money  being  a  blessing  it  brings   years  of  struggle,  heartache  and  pain.          

                                                                                                           -   Pastor  Tim

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