Truths About Money - Part 8

Posted on March 15, 2015 at 1:55 PM

       One more thing about last weeks topic about "Windfalls": When I was growing up my parents were neither "financially sophisticated" nor wealthy. In fact, it is kind of funny, but wasn't until my oldest sister was going to college and applying for aide that we discovered that we were "poor." She discovered that our family's income was below the "poverty level". Before starting public work my Dad had been a farmer, and yet while on a modest income for most of their lives they were able to buy and pay for a farm, build and pay for a house, give generously to the Lord all their lives and spend their retirement years comfortably and debt free. How did they do it? Well, I remember as a kid that the farm income mostly came in large chunks in the fall. In our house it wasn't time to go on vacation or go out and buy "new toys" rather, my Mom paid every thing that she could on the debt. In fact, as best as I remember it, any time we got any "extra income" it always went on our debts, until those debts were paid in full.

Unguarded, money will simply disappear.

     Have you ever known someone with a pool? Typically, they will fill the pool in the spring or summer and they will have to continually refill the pool all season long. Even if there are no leaks and even if no one uses the pool they will still have to add more water from time to time just to keep it full. When in use, the water is splashed out or carried out on wet bodies, but even when no one is using it there is still the problem of evaporation. In fact, it has been said that the average pool will loose about 1/4 of an inch a day but this can be much more, depending weather conditions. Money acts much the same way. It doesn't matter if a person has saved for years, sold a house, or received an inheritance. If you have money that is readily available it has a tendency to get away from you. Money like this is called "Liquid Assets" and like any other liquid it will leak out if what you are keeping it in has any holes. (Even the smallest of holes.) If we are not careful, our "liquid" assets will simply disappear. Most of us simply blame this problem upon the fact that we simply just don't have enough money. We say things like "If I made more money, then all my money problems would simply go away." It's funny, but you don't typicality hear people say, "My problem is that I simply like to spend too much money." But, if you can't manage the money that you now have, why do you think that you could do a better job of managing it if you only had more of it. Truth is, more money would simply allow you to be more stupid with money and still be able to get away with it. The solution for this problem is simply this: a budget. As Dave puts it, you have to tell every dollar where it will be spent at the beginning of every month. If you do this, you will feel as if you have gotten a raise. - Pastor Tim

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