Truths About Money - Part 11

Posted on May 2, 2015 at 8:40 PM

The Power of Money Can Be Devastating!       

     Well, it has been several weeks since our last conversation about money, but today I want to once again pick it up and talk about it. As you remember, before we took our break from the subject, we had spent 10 weeks dealing with the things that I have learned about money. (If you don't remember, or simply were not here to read them you can get caught up at the churches web site "" where you can look under "Blog" for previous Pastor's Pens.)

     Even when there is an abundance of money there can be conflict. Yes, both the lack of money, and the abundance of money can tear couples apart. You see, in many relationships money equals power, that is, the one who makes the money has the Power. Sometimes the spouse who brings home the "lion's share" of the income will use this to their advantage, thinking that they are entitled to a greater say in how the money is spent. They may not actually say it, but often through the use of implication, or by "Simply pointing out the facts" they manipulate their spouse into doing things "their way". By doing so, they are, in fact, diminishing their spouse, implying that they are somehow of lesser worth. This too is very destructive to a marriage and can have unimaginable and long reaching consequences. It can work like rust in a machine, a little for a short period will not have much impact, but left unchecked, it will eventually stop the machine from working and will result in tremendous cost if the machine is to be repaired.

     The simple truth is, this "Power" mentality must be avoided at all cost. This is not the way God intended for us to deal with money and if we allow ourselves to "bully" our spouses (even if we are right) then in the long run we will bring great devastation to our homes. If we are to be successful in our marriages then we must work together with love and respect. We must treat our spouses the way God has taught is in His Word.

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