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Rejecting the Truth - Part 5 " Hitler's Dream/Accepting a Lie"

Posted on April 10, 2016 at 8:50 AM

I'm afraid that people are far to often led, that is misled, by people who may or may not have evil intentions. People will choose to believe a lie, simply because they want to believe it. Isn't that the way most scams work? As we have often heard it said: “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.” People will believe that a lie is true simply because they want to believe it! It is easy for us to believe someone who simply tells us what we want to believe.

The Bible tells us that when the anti-christ appears the world will love him. In fact, the scriptures tell us that if it would be possible, he would deceive the very elect. Now, as a Christian, I'm not worried about being deceived by the anti-christ, after all, I believe that the scriptures teach us that the Church will be taken out of this world before he is revealed. Yet the scriptures teach us that the spirit of anti-christ is already at work in the world and that there will be many anti-christs in this world, so I think that we have to be on guard for any one who might be an anti-christ.

Now, I readily admit that I am no historian, nor am I an expert on German history or Hitler himself, so what I am about to say should be considered to be merely conjecture or opinion on my part. Having said that, I believe that if you will take the time to read and understand what I am saying and compare it with what you already know about the rise of Hitler and pre-WWII Germany, I believe that you will agree that this makes a lot of sense and is probably pretty much how it played out.

Hitler knew how to manipulate people. I believe that there are few what would question this point. He first sold them on his dream to make Germany great again, not just for Hitler, but also for all true Germans. After all, hadn't the German people suffered enough? It was time that someone stood up to the people who had brought such disgrace upon the Fatherland. They must be stopped! They must be punished! True Germans must once again return to their place in the world. It was time for Germany to return to her place of power and prestige. Once the people were convinced of the plight of the nation (and if you know anything about post-WWI Germany, then you realize that this would have been easy to do) they were easily convinced that something had to be done. Now it was only a matter of convincing the German people that his methods, how be they unpleasant, were necessary to accomplish their goals as a nation. When the people saw the results, they were even further convinced that he must be right; after all, as we say here in America, “The proof is in the pudding.” This is easy if a people or nation is already convinced that the “end justifies the means” and frankly put, desperate people will accept desperate means. Hitler was able to dream big and sell his dream. He didn't start out by promising to kill 6,000,000 Jews. He never mentioned that it might be necessary to slaughter countless women and children, nor did the German people realize that they would have to sacrifice almost an entire generation of men and boys. They were simply buying into Hitler's dream. Hitler's dream of making Germany great again was not necessarily evil; it was what he was willing to do to fulfill his dream that was evil.

In the world in which we live there are many who are selling their dreams, we need to be very careful about the people that we choose to follower in pursuit of their dreams. - Pastor Tim

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