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Rejecting the Truth (Part 6)

Posted on April 17, 2016 at 9:00 AM

     Now I realize that after reading the title, some of you probably said to yourselves, “Oh No, not again, come on Tim, you have already spent 5 weeks on this subject, and enough is enough. You are beating this into the ground.” Well, let me ask you this question, do you know anyone who you think might benefit from what I have been talking about for these 5 weeks? Now I suspect that your answer would be “yes, but they're not the one reading this”. So the real problem is that you think that this subject does not apply to you. You are not like “one of them”. Well, maybe you are not, but then again maybe you are a lot more like one of them than you would want to admit.

     Do you remember the story in the Bible about Adam and Eve and how sin came into the world? Well, that morning, when Eve woke up she had no idea what was going to happen that day, in fact it was probably beyond her comprehension that she would ever willingly do any thing that was contrary to God's will. After all she didn't know what sin was and she had never been tempted. She was truly in a state of innocence. When Satan approached her in the form of a serpent she was not afraid in the least, after all, she had never known any danger and had never experienced fear. Not only did she not know danger and fear, but also she had never experienced pain or hunger; jealousy or anger; nor had she experienced shame or humiliation. In fact, in the whole of her existence she had only known love and kindness, she knew nothing of most of the things that we are far to familiar with. Ironically, it was this area that Satan chose to attack. He used her natural curiosity against her. He caused her to believe that she was missing out on something and once he had her convinced of that it was easy for her to believe the lie that he was selling. It was simple, she only had to reject the truth that she knew about God and believe the lie that Satan was selling.

     Now here is where we come in. Satan uses the same technique on us: he plays on our weakness and causes us to believe that he has what we have always wanted. We reject the truth of God and accept his lie. - Pastor Tim

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